Monday, April 29, 2013

Just So You Know -- 29 April 2013

I will be flying home on Thursday. There are several challenges that I have been facing here in Indiana that I have tried every option to fix in-field. I have counseled with President C, and he and I both agree that the best thing for me right now is to come home and get things figured out.
Thank you all for your loving support, and prayers on my behalf! See you soon!
-Sister Hill

Monday, April 22, 2013

Great News! -- 22 April 2013

I am not getting transferred! Can you believe it?!

I thought for sure President was only going to leave me in Zionsville with Sister H for 2 weeks, and then send me on my merry way, but no!! I get to stay! And even better than that Sister H and I get to be companions for a whole transfer!

So the fun thing we did this morning! I talked Sister H into getting a hair cut! And we are not just talking any ol' hair cut...

Doesn't she look so cute!?!?! :)

The funniest part is that she just cut her hair about two months ago.. That time it was half way down her back! She is a brave woman!

Well that is the news for today! I am not going to transfer meeting, and Sister H looks adorable!

In other news, the temple site is looking fabulous! I love living in Zionsville, because any time we go to Fishers for any reason, we have to drive right past it! Darn! :) But it is looking super great! (At least it looks like something is happening!) We have had A LOT of rain this week. (Major flooding in some parts,) so I don't know what that is doing to the progress, but it looks different any time we drive by! Super exciting!

Well, y'all, I love you, but this is a busy day! Keep feeling the spirit!

Love always, Sister Hill

"You know what her problem is? She just cant stand how fab-lous you are!"  :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

One Last Thought... -- 15 April 2013

My grandpa once asked each of us, if we could meet anyone dead or or alive, fiction or non-fiction who would it be and why. I think I answered Emma Smith. And while I still stand by that answer, someone that I have equal desire to meet is Esther. I love her not only for her courage, but also for her grace a virtue. There was something the King saw in her, that made her stand out about all the others. Have you ever thought about what that might have been?

I invite you all to go back, and review Esther's story. What makes her a wonderful example for you? What of her traits do you want to add to your own?

What a Week...(Again) -- 15 April 2013

Guess who has been transferred...(again)?

If you guessed me, then you guessed right!

I will tell you the story: One of the sisters in the mission has been dealing with severe anxiety, and as we all know, a mission is a very difficult place to try to resolve some of that; so she made the decision that she needed to go home, get things figured out, and then (if it's right) come back and finish her mission. So. With her going home, it left her companion without a companion. Not so good. And I was conveniently in a trio less than 15 minutes away, and not technically training anybody (as all the other sisters in the mission are doing right now.)

So on Tuesday, I walked into my interview with President C, and this is the conversation that followed:
"How are you, Sister Hill?"
"I'm great, President, how are you?"
"Good! Are you ready to go to Zionsville?"
"Aw, I knew it!! Yes, I will go to Zionsville for you."

And I had known it, because the Zionsville sisters had come over at the end of preparation day to say goodbye. As soon as she said she was leaving, I knew I was, too. So President and I talked about it a little bit, and he told me a little bit about my new companion. I am officially a trainer. Her name is Sister H. She is from W, Utah. (She lives on a dirt road outside of the 5 street town.) Poor girl. We are starting week 11 of her 12 week training, and I am her 4th companion! I will tell you that story another time. Crazyness!

But we are having a good time, and we get along well. In my interview with President, he told me that I am just one of his "go-to" missionaries. He can (and has) sent me anywhere and with anyone when he gets in a pinch. I decided that I don't mind though since that means that both he and the Lord trust me. (But 7 areas, and 11 companions in just over 1 year is a little silly! I was told by my old roommates that I should have President buy me a Glup. ;p )

So I am now in Zionsville, Indiana. Very rich area. Pretty good size branch. Awesome people!

New address (for maybe 1 more week until real transfers):
610 West Poplar St #6
Zionsville, IN. 46077

New phone number:
PSYCH! you can't have that one!

Anyway, I love you all! Have a great week, and hopefully I am still here next Monday! ;D

-Sister Hill

Monday, April 8, 2013

What a Week! -- 8 April 2013

We have had a very busy week! AND General Conference! We had two investigators who watched at least 1 session!!! YAY! Conference in such a wonderful time! It brings such peace to my heart!

In between sessions on Saturday, we invited Sister C over for lunch! We had a wonderful time!

Sister C taking a picture of our "pet" Molly (She got just as excited about Molly, as she does about squirrels!).

Anyway. This week has been super busy, and we have another busy one in front of us. We have interviews with President and Sister C, which we all know how much I love those!!!! Anyway, I know this is very short, and I apologize, but missionary work calls! I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter -- 1 April 2013

Easter is one of the greatest times of the year! I think it is tied for my favorite holiday! (The other being Thanksgiving.) But I have always loved Easter. I love that the world is coming alive again. I love seeing families come outside and play together. I love seeing mama animals prepare for new babies. (Speaking of: we have a duck who laid 6 eggs right outside our door, and she is there every morning when we leave, tending to her sweet babies (we are holding our breath for when they hatch!!!) We have named her Molly.)

Anyway, I love Easter time, and it was such a wonderful day to be a missionary!

And now we wait for the other best part of Easter time which is of course General Conference!!!! I am so grateful to know that we have a modern day prophet who lives and speaks to each one of us individually!! I can not wait to hear and see how the church has grown in the last year! I am so grateful to be part of this wonderful work, and to see firsthand what the gospel can do for someone's life!

The church is true! The Savior lives! I have felt the atonement in my own life, and I know He is there for you, if you will let Him! Do all you can to prepare to listen to the prophet. He is the Lord's mouthpiece on the earth today! I love you all! Have a great week!

Love always,
Sister Hill

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Spring! -- 25 March 2013

I don't know how the weather has been in Utah (or anywhere else you, my loved ones, live) but we got 6 inches and counting overnight!

This week has been pretty great! I have officially been in Fishers for a week and a half, and I love it! I am loving my companions and my roommates. It feels like we have all been together forever! We get along so great, and they are helping me very much! The one thing I am struggling with a little bit is that 2 of the sisters in the Fishers apartment are in training, and 2 were MTC companions who came to Indiana 6 months after me. Everyone keeps making comments on my age, and how close I am to being done!!! Grr!


I am not ALMOST done! I still have 5 months, and I want that to be a long time!!

That is all.

In other news, President and Sister C came with us to a lesson with an investigator. It could not have gone any better! The spirit was so strong! We studied and prayed so hard for that lesson, and what we wanted to help her accomplish, and we did it! President and Sister C came in and bore simple and powerful testimony that the things that we were sharing were true, and that this is the one true church on the earth today! It was so cool!

We also went on exchanges this week, and that was pretty great! I went to Zionsville for the day, and had so much fun! It amazes me that every exchange is different. This one I went in not really knowing what to expect. This exchange, my focus was on helping this Sister know how amazing she is, and how much the Lord needs her. She is a strong teacher and has a powerful testimony and a lot of desire to grow! She is so great! New best friend! Love it when that happens!

"And that's all I have to say about that."

I love you all! Hope you all have a wonderful week! Talk to you next time!

Love always,
Sister Hill

Monday, March 18, 2013

Transferred... -- 18 March 2013

And in a trio!!!!

And we are the best trio ever! My new companions are Sister A and Sister O. Sister A is training Sister O, which means the she is the senior companion technically. Weird. (It's weird because my MTC comp and I are the most senior sister missionaries in the whole mission.) So all that means in this mission is that I am no longer the designated driver, which I don't mind as much as I thought I would!

We are just having a blast here! I have been transferred to Fishers, IN. Very rich area. I am serving in the first ward, and there are also sisters in the second, so guess who is sharing an apartment!!! 5 sisters. 4 loads of laundry. 3 former companions. 2 trainees. 1 apartment full of fun!!! We are laughing SO HARD!!! We are all going to have rock solid abs by the end of this transfer!

A funny story (might be TMI for some so just skip ahead a few paragraphs) that happened: The three of us, were sitting in our bedroom at the end of the night planning. Sister T (yes my former companion from the YSA) knocked on our door, and was asking what our plans were, and if we were using the car (yeah we are sharing the car with them too) very much the next day. All of a sudden we hear from the other bedroom: "No. No! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!! STOP!!! SISTERS! ITS NOT STOPPING!!! HELP ME!! STOP!! HELP SISTERS!!!!"

By this time we are all literally rolling on the floor dying of laughter because we knew exactly what was going on. Our other roommate had clogged the toilet, and her plans to fix it resulted in a flood! I finally pulled myself up, because we didn't need the carpet getting wet and molding. I ran to the door, and told her to turn the knob behind the toilet to turn the water off. She had no clue what I was talking about, and right before I walked in the toilet finally flushed! The entire bathroom had an inch of water in it, and none of us could breathe enough to help her clean it up! It sounds like we are terrible people, but if you could hear this sister's voice, you would be laughing too! (She sounds like a female version of Kronk!)

Anyway, we are having so much fun, and already don't want this transfer to come to an end!  I love you all, and hope you have a great week!

Love always, Sister Hill

PS- My new address is:
12188 Windsor W Drive Building 19 Sunlake Apts
Fishers, IN 46038

Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm Being Transferred -- 11 March 2013

Surprise. Surprise.

Haha! What is mission life if not always changing?! I have really enjoyed my time in West Lafayette. I kinda thought I would be here for my last 4 transfers, but I guess the Lord has other plans for me. So just for this week, don't forget to send any mail to the mission office in Carmel (like the candy), not to West Lafayette. (I will get it quicker. This is all about me don't cha' know?)

Amazingly, I have lucked out, again, and am not training! I don't know how President pulled that one off, but I'm not. Maybe next transfer.

This week was pretty great! We had a Sisters specialized training again! This time instead of staying the night at the mission home (cause there are too many of us), we just met at the Fishers chapel. It was so much fun! I always love getting together with all of the Sisters! It is such a spiritual boost! I am both excited and sad to see more sisters coming out. It's harder to have a close relationship with 60 sisters versus 18. But this time it isn't about me, and I am so excited that the work of God is moving forward!

Well, family. I love you a lot! Have a great preparation day!

Much love, Sister Hill

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What a Weekend! -- Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Two Words.

Elder. Ballard!!!

Oh, my amazing! You can just tell he is a special witness of our Savior! The whole time, all I could think was: "How lucky are we to have living prophets on the earth today?!"

Well, friends we only have a short time! Know that I love you, and I feel your love and your prayers!

Love always!
Sister Hill

Monday, February 25, 2013

Examples -- 25 February 2013

Hello Family! (and friends!)

This has been a good week. We have been a little frustrated, because we are doing everything that we can think of to find new investigators, but we haven't found them yet.  But the Holy Ghost and I have became pretty close this week, and he has kept me from getting discouraged. He will bring a scripture or a quote to my mind. Mainly, I have thought about pages 10 & 121 in Preach My Gospel. God is Greater.

We are working with 2 really great people right now. The first is S. She is hoping to be baptized in March, but she has been really sick, so we have not been able to meet. But we are working hard and she is very committed. This is what she wants, and she knows she has things to do, to do it the right way.

The other is J. He just turned 9. His dad was baptized about a year ago, and J has wanted to be baptized ever since then. The thing that has held him back is his mom. She wanted to make sure he understood what he was doing, and that he wasn't just doing it because all his new friends at church were doing it, too. They sat down and talked the other night, and she has given permission, so we are going ahead full swing, and hope to set a date with him very soon. He is so cute! He got up and bore his testimony yesterday! It was so special for me to see how prepared he has been this last year, meeting with the missionaries, and coming to church on the weekends he is with his dad!

Both of these people make me very grateful for great examples in all of our lives! I know that I have had so many I can't even count! I think the one that stands out to me the most is my younger sister. She has been sick from the time she was in about 2nd grade, and no doctor has yet found out what is wrong with her.

Because of her health she has been in and out of school; missed out on, or too sick to truly enjoy trips with family or friends; sleeps most time, because she has no energy to do anything else; if she has "too much fun" 1 day, she is down for 10; on and on the list goes, but never once have I heard her say: "Why me?" or "It's not fair."  She has only prayed for the strength and courage to get through the day. But she doesn't "just get through" she serves others, she ALWAYS has a beautiful smile on. She is always seeing what else can be done. She does the job with a happy face, and not just a happy face, but a happy heart.

I have the blessing to have her as my sister!!! I could go on and on about the wonderful examples I have in my life! I am so grateful for those that Heavenly Father has given me, to show me how blessed I really am!

I have many new examples I have met in just the last year!

Each and every one of my companions I have learned something from. They have help me grow and be a better person.

Sister W, Sister O, Sister L, Bishop K, Brother F, the L's, the K's, Sister H, Sister H, J, and many, many more!
And of course would I have any gratitude for the amazing examples if I didn't mention President and Sister C?! They have been the best teachers and leaders that I have ever had the privilege of serving with! Not only because of the amazing way they teach, but because of the genuine people that they are! I will be forever grateful to have served 16/18 months with them!

Thank you all, as well for being those examples in my life. I love you all, and am very grateful for you! Now, (challenge time) tell me, who is someone that has been an example to you in your life?

I love you! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Hill

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One More Adventure! -- 18 February 2013

PS! I almost forgot!

Guess who is coming to our mission at the beginning of March!!!

Elder M Russell Ballard, AND (wait for it!) Bishop Stephenson! We get to have a mission conference for just the missionaries with these two General Authorities!

Have you ever had those moments where you think: "This can't be my life! It's too cool!!!"?

Yeah, that is basically where I am at. At this point I wish I could see and talk to you all on a daily basis, but I wish you were doing this with me, cause normal life is a lot more boring than missionary life! ;p

Anyway, loves again!
Sister Hill

Yay for Projects and Adventures! -- 18 February 2013

I am working on several projects right now.

My first project is myself. I am working on being myself. Unfortunately I fell into a missionary trap of not thinking my ways works, and as a result I was trying all kinds of different styles. That didn't work too well, because I don't know how to do different styles, I only know my style. The greatest (and hardest) thing about each of our styles is that they can change and grow. I am also remembering that while I can do things with my style, I still need to do it the Lord's way. (It's like following a recipe. Once you have made things over and over, you know the recipe by heart, and then you can add your own flare to it, but you still need the basics) So I am adding my own "sass and spunky" (Sister C's words not mine.[Isn't she so great!?]) to how I teach the gospel, and I am using the tools that Heavenly Father has given me.

My second project is finding people to teach. The past couple months, the Sisters in this area have done AMAZING things, and baptized so many people! Unfortunately, that leaves our teaching pool VERY empty. Lots of tracting. Lots of talking to everyone. Lots of enthusiasm (see above project). We have a lot to do, and not a lot of people to do it with yet. The other awesome, yet frustrating thing about the Sisters who were here before is they tracted everywhere!!! They left nowhere untouched, so now when we go somewhere people are like: "Didn't I tell you a month ago, I didn't want to listen to you!" We'll find a way.

Project #3- We are working with 1 woman who has a baptism date.  Unfortunately, she has had walking pneumonia for the past week and a half, so I have only met her once when I first got here. She will get to baptism eventually.

My final project is the one that, Mom, you sent me for General Conference. It is turning out so beautiful, and I have decided that I am going to give it to the Cs for a "Thank-you/Farewell" gift from the mission. So all of my spare time (HA) is spent doing a few stitches here and there. It is actually coming along faster than I thought. So that is good. I am taking pictures as I go (but I can't send any to you because I lost the cord that hooks the camera to the computer. Said sorry).

We have had a few adventures this week as well. Last Saturday night we got a call from the assistants. I answered. Here is the conversation that followed:

"Sister Hill would you and Sister F like to participate in an all sisters musical number at zone conference?"
"Sure! That sounds like fun! What other sisters are there?"

"Warsaw, Peru, you, and will you call Lafayette 3 and ask if they want to do it, too?"

"Sure... What are we singing?"

"You can sing whatever you want. How about when you call Lafayette 3 you figure it out, and we will send you the others sisters' numbers so you can coordinate with them. Just let us know what you choose!"

"Uh... Okay. When is Zone Conference?"



"Yep! Well, have a good night, and just let us know! Thanks Sister Hill!"

So I have learned that 1) Don't ask a boy for details, no matter what kind of leadership position he is in. 2) Just don't ask! You will get roped into being in charge!

It ended up going very nicely. We sang hymn #41 Let Zion In Her Beauty Rise. The rest of the conference was amazing as always. It was weird cause it was at the Peru chapel, and I had just been there the week before, but it wasn't my ward anymore. Strange how fast that happens.

Our other adventure this week is that on Friday we went back to Peru. (Yes again) But this time it was for K's baptism!!! (K is the woman who called us 3 weeks ago!) President C said I could go to the baptism, so we scheduled the time. What we forgot to schedule was that it was rush hour, and the end of the trip would be in the dark. So we were late. When we walked in, she was nowhere to be seen, and neither was Sister P and her new comp, and I was so sad cause I thought we had missed it. Then one of the ward members came up and said, they just did it....5 times. Either her dress popped up, or a knee, or her hair, or something else, so she is changing into a jumpsuit, and they are going to try it again.

So we made it for the actual baptism, and the second half of the program. After, we only had time for me to give her a hug and a little gift, and then we had to book it out the door, cause we were going to be late getting home. Well, now I knew my way home. At least I thought I did. We missed our turn and drove for an extra 30 minutes.  But we couldn't tell cause it was in the dark!!!

We were both so stressed out. It was 9 and we were supposed to be in right then, and we had no clue where we were. Plus! Our gas gauge was on empty, cause we had been so stressed about rush hour that we had COMPLETELY forgotten about filling up. So we were in the middle of nowhere where the towns are so small even the gas station closes. So we called our District leader and our zone leaders to let them know we would be late cause we were lost. We then called Sister W, and she got on Google, and was about to find out where we were, and direct us home. We also got called by the Zone leaders, and they found us on their GPS to get us home.

We pulled into our apartment at 10:25. We were so stressed and exhausted, and mad at ourselves. We didn't like feeling disobedient. I know it was our fault, but the Jerk, (you know the jerk I am talking about.) the jerk kept saying things like: "If you had just..." or "you know, if you had...." and at 10:30 when you are tired and mad it is kinda hard to shut him up.

Anyway, Saturday morning came and we hadn't slept at all, so we called Sister C, and asked if we could have an extra hour to get some real sleep. When we talked again after planning that night, she reminded us that it wasn't our fault, and sometimes things are out of our control, and we need to remember the blessings, that we got home safe, and that life moves on, and things happen, and President C, and more importantly, God, knows that things happen, and it is okay to make mistakes. And that most of the time, these things happen so that we can grow, and be tested in hard times.

Anyway, I love you all, and hope your week has been as fun as mine!

Love always,
Sister Hill

Monday, February 11, 2013

New Transfer. New Place. New Me. -- Monday, 11 February 2013

Ending and starting a transfer is always a shock to the system. It shakes and rattles you. Makes you sad, and stressed (and if  you're me you cry).

But there is also excitement and a new energy. I am feeling re-energized, and full of hope this transfer. I have been sent back to Lafayette, but on the West Side. My companion is Sister F. She is from Haiti, but has lived in the US for the past 8 years. She makes me laugh a lot! This is going to be a great transfer!

So, did you know: EVERY. Sister in the Indiana, Indianapolis Mission is training right now? Except Sister F and I. (How we did that I don't know.) We got 9 new sisters in the mission this week. We had 18 before, now we have 26!!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!The Gospel will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent!! (I really should have chosen that to go on my plaque!) AHH! So exciting!

I had a realization last week. This Wednesday, I have been a missionary for an entire year. !!!!!!!!!!

I know what you are thinking! "Nu-uh! I was just at her setting apart a couple months ago!" Yep. You're right. About 12 to be exact. Set apart the day before Valentines Day....  Weird.

Anyway, I realized all of this, and I have new determination to do things 110%. Now don't start thinking I have been a slacker, cause I haven't, but I realized how fast the next 5 transfers are going to go. (AHHH!!! I can count on one hand how many transfers I have.) Especially since this transfer is only 5 weeks, and we are already at the start of week 2!

So my new address is:
2330 Northwestern Ave Apt #3
West Lafayette, IN. 47906

Anyway, life is good here in Indiana! I love everything about missionary work! The church is true! I love you all! Thank you for your prayers and support! They have lifted me up immensely!

Love Always!
Sister Hill

Monday, February 4, 2013

They're Ba-ack! -- Monday, 4 February 2013

Transfer time!!!

A missionary's favorite thing!!! I am leaving Peru. Also (this time) I know where I am being sent. But you can't tell any other missionary in this mission! President C called on WEDNESDAY to tell us what was going on. (It's really RUDE of him to call ahead of time, just sayin'!) He said he called because he "needs help." Sister P is staying and training. He told her that he knows that she needs time to process this kind of stuff. And for me? I am headed back to Lafayette (different ward) with a Sister who President says needs the "best of the best." I am not joking, that is what he said! Now I am not sure who he is talking about, but I guess he and the Lord know what they are doing... We are both stressing. :)  :)  What would we do without stress, huh?

In other news, we are still teaching the A family. They are doing well, and are still excited for baptism! K is doing great! Her husband is so supportive of her and the choices she wants to make.  He is buying her a quad for their anniversary, and a CTR ring for her baptism! How sweet, right?

I still love Indiana! The gospel is true! I can't believe I have been a missionary for nearly 1 year! I love you all VERY much! Be all the Be's! Don't cwash da caw! DON'T SAY BAD WADS!! (Landon!) Stand for truth and righteousness! Remember who you are! Return with Honor!

Love always!
Sister Hill

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sweet Week! -- 28 January 2013

MIRACLE!!!! (You ready for this?!)  Saturday, we are sitting in our apartment just at the end of break. The phone rings. Sister McD (RS Pres) is calling us.
"Sisters, I have someone you should go see!"
Say that again!?

"She called the church this morning, luckily my husband was there and was able to go get her information. She has been reading in the Book of Mormon, and wants to meet with you. She has some health problems and bad eye sight so she is hoping to get a large print triple combination. Here is her address, and phone number. Good luck!"

By then, I was hyperventilating! Let's call her now! Let's go see her right now! So we did! We called and asked if we could set up a time, and she asked if we could come then. So we called a member for a ride, and got over there!

She is amazing!!! She met with missionaries about 12 years ago, but had a husband who was EXTREMELY anti (burned her BoM) and she had to stop meeting with them. She got re-married about 8 years ago, and has been doing her own research ever since. She has been checking the BoM out of the library, as well as a book by President Hinckley, and a seminary/institute manual on church history, and one other book that I can't remember!

As we talked we turned to D&C 20:37 and told her the requirements for baptism. "That's it?! I thought I had to be invited!"

"K, would you like to be baptized, and become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?"

She got all choked up, and said "Yes!" She is praying about a date. We found her a ride to church yesterday; she came and stayed for all three hours. She is AMAZING!!!!  She is the sweetest lady! She also has a sense of urgency. (This is where it get a little sad) In November somebody she knew spiked her soda with anti-freeze. NOT GOOD!!! It has messed her body up really bad.

There is just one miracle of this week! I love you all very much, and know the Lord is watching over you, as He is me! Love you!!

Love, Sister Hill

Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm Repenting -- 21 January 2013

I am SO sorry that I didnt get my e-mail out l last week! So instead of e-mailing President C first, you get the first e-mail of the day! (Don't you feel special?)

Firstly: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELDER HILL!!!!!! There is a card coming to you! I love you and am so proud of you!

Secondly: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, L!!!!!!! There is a card coming to you! I love you, and am so grateful to be your best friend!

Thirdly: I love you all!

Okay, now that's done, on to the e-mail. :)

Life in Peru is doing great! We have several people in our teaching pool, and Sister P and I are super busy trying to see everyone. There are also those people that we really aren't going anywhere and we haven't met with them at all, but we both hate letting go... :)


We are still working with S, A, and H. They are amazing! They are working on several things, but we think they are going to be able to be baptized in February which is REALLY close! The bad news is that they might be moving out of our area! BOO! :( But whatever the Lord's will is.

I have to tell you about a member who lives here. She is amazing! She takes such good care of us! Her name is Sister W. She calls/texts us every day. Will basically drop anything and everything she is doing to come help us. We are trying not to take to much advantage of her, but it's hard with someone so willing. :)

Anyway. She is an amazing photographer, and she is slowly but surely building her own studio. We try to go over to help her since she does so much for us. This week we helped her measure and cut base boards. She has her own wood shop! How cool is that?! I couldn't touch anything because as a missionary I need to keep myself safe, but it was so fun to help her cut wood! I forgot how much I enjoyed that!

Anyway, life has been pretty grand here! I love you all, and wish you a MARVELOUS week!

Love Always,

Sister Hill

Start Week 5 of 7 -- (14 January 2013)

Don't you love interviews with President and Sister C?!

Well I sure do! They are amazing people! All I had to do was walk in the building, and I was grabbed into a hug by Sister Co\, (and if President could have, I know he would.)

Last week my friend Hermana S talked about her mission pres, and how inspired he is. I want to tell you that ALL mission presidents are the most amazing people! The Lord needs his finest to take care of his missionaries. That being said, I have the BEST! NO BATTLE! SHIELD!!

Nuff said.

I love you all! Sorry this is short, the library is busy today, and I am being kicked off. (guess that's what I get for saving the best for last. ;) )

Love, Sister Hill

Monday, January 7, 2013

HIP HIP.... -- 7 January 2013

So it's not what you were expecting, but that's ok.

Life in Peru continues to move forward. We had 5 investigators at church yesterday. 3 are from the same family. The As. They have been meeting with the missionaries for about 1 year, although not consistently. We are working with them, hoping to get them to baptism in February. It's fast approaching, and we are just praying that while we are teaching them, there is a testimony growing, so we don't have to push their date back. However we are going to do what right, and in the Lord's time they will get there! They are such a cute family! There is S and A, (mom and dad) and H (11), and S (7), and Austin is 4 (and gives Landon a run for his money. Haha!) I have loved working with them!

Sister P is great! I love working with her. We think very differently, so we have to talk a lot to understand what the other is saying, but it has been a fun time! She is 6' 2", and she graduated from BYU with a degree in Family Life. She is not sure what she wants to do with that, but whatever she does will be great!

Hmm... anything else?

I love you all; thank you again for all of your Christmas love.  It made the holiday especially meaningful for me! Hope you all have the greatest week ever! I'll talk you next week!

Keep the Faith! Remember Life is Good! Be All the Be's. Stand for Truth and Righteousness! Don't Cwash da Caw

(Oh yeah, we saw a car wreck yesterday!!!! We were driving right behind them, and I saw it coming and backed off, and then stuck around to be a witness. The guy hit a parked car so we weren't really in any danger, but it was crazy!)

Anyway, Don't Say Bad Wads, Remember Who You Are, Return with Honor!

Love always, Sister Hill!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hi There! -- 2 January 2013

Well, I would say it has taken me long enough! Sorry for the gray hairs, Mama! But it's not my fault! I am in a very small town, and in small towns libraries are closed on holidays! (Crazy thought, I know!)

Anyway. Life is good here in Ol' Pee-rue. We are freezing, but at least I am not in Canada! (Love you, Elder Hill!)

Bestest Friend! Bestest Friend!!! I got your Christmas present!!! I was so grateful for it! (I was also glad I didn't get it in February ;P) I love you, and was singing along with you! You and your husband are wonderful!

Grandparents, (I don't know which ones) Your package is in Indy. It will somehow get to me, but please don't think I am being ungrateful; I just don't know what to be grateful for yet! :)

Thank you all for your Christmas wishes! I had a wonderful holiday! I sure did miss all y'all, but only a little.

I don't have much time, I just wanted you all you know I am safe and alive.

Love always,
Sister Hill