Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter -- 1 April 2013

Easter is one of the greatest times of the year! I think it is tied for my favorite holiday! (The other being Thanksgiving.) But I have always loved Easter. I love that the world is coming alive again. I love seeing families come outside and play together. I love seeing mama animals prepare for new babies. (Speaking of: we have a duck who laid 6 eggs right outside our door, and she is there every morning when we leave, tending to her sweet babies (we are holding our breath for when they hatch!!!) We have named her Molly.)

Anyway, I love Easter time, and it was such a wonderful day to be a missionary!

And now we wait for the other best part of Easter time which is of course General Conference!!!! I am so grateful to know that we have a modern day prophet who lives and speaks to each one of us individually!! I can not wait to hear and see how the church has grown in the last year! I am so grateful to be part of this wonderful work, and to see firsthand what the gospel can do for someone's life!

The church is true! The Savior lives! I have felt the atonement in my own life, and I know He is there for you, if you will let Him! Do all you can to prepare to listen to the prophet. He is the Lord's mouthpiece on the earth today! I love you all! Have a great week!

Love always,
Sister Hill

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