Monday, April 15, 2013

What a Week...(Again) -- 15 April 2013

Guess who has been transferred...(again)?

If you guessed me, then you guessed right!

I will tell you the story: One of the sisters in the mission has been dealing with severe anxiety, and as we all know, a mission is a very difficult place to try to resolve some of that; so she made the decision that she needed to go home, get things figured out, and then (if it's right) come back and finish her mission. So. With her going home, it left her companion without a companion. Not so good. And I was conveniently in a trio less than 15 minutes away, and not technically training anybody (as all the other sisters in the mission are doing right now.)

So on Tuesday, I walked into my interview with President C, and this is the conversation that followed:
"How are you, Sister Hill?"
"I'm great, President, how are you?"
"Good! Are you ready to go to Zionsville?"
"Aw, I knew it!! Yes, I will go to Zionsville for you."

And I had known it, because the Zionsville sisters had come over at the end of preparation day to say goodbye. As soon as she said she was leaving, I knew I was, too. So President and I talked about it a little bit, and he told me a little bit about my new companion. I am officially a trainer. Her name is Sister H. She is from W, Utah. (She lives on a dirt road outside of the 5 street town.) Poor girl. We are starting week 11 of her 12 week training, and I am her 4th companion! I will tell you that story another time. Crazyness!

But we are having a good time, and we get along well. In my interview with President, he told me that I am just one of his "go-to" missionaries. He can (and has) sent me anywhere and with anyone when he gets in a pinch. I decided that I don't mind though since that means that both he and the Lord trust me. (But 7 areas, and 11 companions in just over 1 year is a little silly! I was told by my old roommates that I should have President buy me a Glup. ;p )

So I am now in Zionsville, Indiana. Very rich area. Pretty good size branch. Awesome people!

New address (for maybe 1 more week until real transfers):
610 West Poplar St #6
Zionsville, IN. 46077

New phone number:
PSYCH! you can't have that one!

Anyway, I love you all! Have a great week, and hopefully I am still here next Monday! ;D

-Sister Hill

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