Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 12 :_( -- 29 May 2012

Sister Williams is being transfered tomorrow. :_(

We won't know where she is going until the meeting tomorrow.  All we know is that she is leaving, and I will get a new comp and stay here in North Vernon. It has been a fun first12 weeks, and I am sad to see her go.....but on the brighter side I get to start another new adventure! No other news here in North Vernon. We are safe and well! Hope everything has been going well for all of you! I love you!

Ashy: I am so proud of you and will be thinking about you all day on the 31st! (I already am of course, but even more that day!) I love you!

Mom: Sister WIlliams is from Bountiful Utah. She went to Utah State for 3 years. She was doing physical therapy, but is going to switch to nursing (or finish PT and then do nursing, she hasn't decided). Her dad works with Deseret Book somewhere. Her mom is an accountant. She has two older brothers and one younger. The younger one is in Norway on his mission. She is the biggest boy of all of them. Her favorite thing is to rock climb. She tells it how it is. She is VERY polite. She hates dogs and fears spiders. She goes home in December right before Christmas, and she is an AMAZING missionary!

That is Sister Williams in 30 seconds.

Love and pray for you always!
Sister Hill

Movies -- 29 May 2012

Avengers (PG13)
Battleship (PG13)
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (PG13)
Cowgirls & Angels (PG)
Dark Shadows (PG13) -- Landon saw this and was very disappointed.
Hunger Games (PG13)
Lucky One (PG13) -- Dad and I saw this.  It was OK.  Totally ruined by a pretty graphic sex scene.
Men in Black III (PG13)
Mirror, Mirror (PG)
Pirates! Band of Misfits (PG)
What to Expect When You're Expecting (PG13)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Letter from Ward Members -- 7 May 2012

Dear Brother & Sister Hill,

My husband and I live in the North Vernon Ward in Indiana where your daughter, Sister Hill, is serving her mission.

I know as parents, you are always interested in how she is doing.  I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate having Sister Hill & Sister Williams in our ward.  They both have a great work ethic and we in our ward will reap the benefits of their dedication for years.

Sister Hill truly has a beautiful testimony and she radiates it.  I have been on several "splits" with them, so I do have first hand knowledge.

They traveled with us to stake conference (65 miles) and it was a pleasure to spend time with them.

You can be assured Sister Hill is actively engaged in serving her calling as a missionary.  I feel certain she will continue to serve even when she returns home.

Thank you for sending us such a beautiful young lady.


Jane & Van Lofgreen

Temple Question -- 21 May 2012

Did you see the BEAUTIFUL Indiana temple renderings?! (if only you could see the giant smile on my face right now!) I also got to see the temple site this week! Great week!

What a week!!!! 21 May 2012

Hello Family and Friends,

"Wow" is the only word I can use to describe what this week has been like! I think it is so interesting how the weeks that you are having the lowest of lows, you also have the highest of highs! All in one week!

It's also amazing how physically exhausting it is to be on such a spiritual high! I found that out in the MTC, and just when I think I can't get any more tired I have another amazing experience that drains my physical energy even more! I can't seem to keep up! :) I love my mission, but I don't think I will be able to keep up this pace for much longer than my 18 months served. Of course I want growth, but in smaller doses, and with less physical demands on my body. :)

We have had so many amazing opportunities for lessons this week.  One that sticks out to me the most is the foster sister of Savanah (first baptism). This girl is amazing! We have been doing FHE with their family every Monday night, and while it is a struggle to get everyone together, (Sister K often says: "if anything you know you are going to laugh at the K home!" She speaks truth!) we do it and the kids are learning! The girl who we are teaching has such a fire and KNOWS that what we are teaching is true! She came up to us 2 weeks ago and asked us to help her with her personal progress and already has 2 value experiences done! She is an amazing young lady who will be baptized on May 31st.

We have had many other experiences just like that this week, but the top thing that has happened this week, is that we had a mission conference. Now for those of you who don't know: We are discouraged from having these (for reasons unbeknownst to me). So "Why?"--you ask--did we have a mission conference when we have been asked by our presiding authorities not to? Well, that is because one of the 12 Apostles asked President Collins if he could meet all of the missonaries in the Indiana, Indianapolis Mission!!! That is right! We shook hands with Elder Neil L. Andersen, on May 19, 2012!  COOLEST. THING. EVER!!!

We also met one of the newest members from the 6th Quorum of the 70.  Elder Parker is a convert to the church, and was so fun to listen to, as he was Baptist and hasn't lost the characteristics of his roots.  (Have you ever seen Pollyanna?) It was so great! He shared his testimony and conversion story, (those are always my favorite stories,) and also taught on faith and the Holy Ghost.

Then it was Elder Andersen's turn to speak, and I want you all to know that he is a man who has been called of our Heavenly Father, and he spends a lot of time in his presence! As he spoke we were taken off Indiana soil and taken somewhere higher. There aren' even words to describe it! We got to sit and learn at the feet of an Apostle, look in his eyes, and shake his hand! How many people can say they have done that?!

After they left, all of the missionaries stuck around for a while and said their hellos to people they haven't seen in a while, and say their goodbyes to those who are going home tomorrow. It was so fun to see and get to know everyone!

On our way home from Fisher's, we stopped by a lady that we have been teaching for a while, but haven't seen in a few weeks due to doctors appointments and her sons coming and "kidnapping" her for Mothers Day.  When we talked to her she told us about talking to Sister G and Sister D while she was visiting her sons in Layfette and then asked us what needs to happen for someone to join the Mormon church, and that she feels she is close to knowing the truth. HER words, not ours!!!!!! She is so amazing! She committed to coming to church, and asked us to come pick her up.  We got there and she was all dressed up nice, she came and sat through all of Sacrament meeting, even though she was in so much pain, due to health problems, that she probably went home and fell asleep for hours after! She is so amazing, and is so close to realizing the truth I think it scares her a little. We love it here in North Vernon so much! The Lord is truly blessing us!

I love you all and hope you are having a great week! You are all in my prayers, always! Be safe! Keep in touch! I love you!

Sister Hill

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

After Mother's Day -- 14 May 2012

Hello Everyone!

First, thank you for all you guys do for Sister Williams and I! It was so great to talk to you all yesterday! Sorry I hung up on you. Sister Williams' fam was calling.

The picture is just for you dad! We have had a fun p-day! Thanks! I was trying to send more, but the computer won't let me, so this is all you get until I send the memory card home! Thank you again for my camera! I love it!

We have had a good week this week! Nice and busy! We went to a member baptism in a RIVER!!! Cool huh?! Don't worry I got pics, but again you are going to have to wait! :p

Then on Sunday (I meant to tell you but I forgot) Sister Williams and I committed 2 people to be baptized on June 23rd!!!!!!! Woot! Woot! The Lord is in North Vernon, Indiana! (And Tay, this is the BEST mission in the world!)

Also this week we met with a man who is the sweetest man alive! His daughter was baptized in January, and we have been meeting with he and his wife for a little while now, and they are so great! She KNOWS it's true, but she is waiting for him to get it, and slowly HE IS! (Again:
Best mission in the world!) We are so excited to be here in North Vernon and see the Lord's hand in our lives!

Anyway! We need to get going.  Thanks again for all you guys do. I love you! and I love my mission! There are hard days, but it is so worth it for the past couple days I have had! Keep the faith! Remember who you are! Be all the Be's! Don't cwash da ca'! Dont say bad woads! Stand for truth and righteousness! Respect women, girls, and children!


-Sister Hill :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

New Week -- 7 May 2012

It is the start of a new week here in North Vernon, Indiana! Sorry last week's e-mail didn't go through.  Lucky you gets 2 e-mails this week!

This week it has finally gotten light enough outside that we can go running in the morning.  But it has been a good thing; we both have enough energy during the day and fall even harder into bed at night. My shoes are causing a little issue, but I figure I will just build up some nice calous and then I will be fine.

Funny story: On Tuesday we were up in Seymour (about 20 miles west of N.V.) when it started raining. Nothing too crazy, but enough to make us wet. We were out contacting when a woman stuck her head out her door and said: "Y'all know we are on tornado watch right?"  Haha. What?

So we got back in our car and headed over to our next appointment's house and hid out there until the strom had passed. There wasn't any tornado, but we were pretty scared when the sirens started going off. :) Dont worry, we have talked to a bunch of people since and we know what to do, and we will be okay. Stop freaking out!....... I am still fine........Breath. :)

We also had some great lessons this week, and of course had our share of trials. But the Lord is truly looking out for us and has prepared many people to listen to us. We have had great success in finding this week, and we are truly blessed!

Well Family, I will talk to you in a few days! I love you so much! Have a good week!

-Sister Hill

Needs -- May 7, 2012

Dearest Mother and Father,
I have several requests this week, I am putting them in 2 categories Need Now, and Need Soon :)

Need Now:
Protein (Sister Williams and I LOVE it! ;p)
LaX Ball
Body Glide
"The Spirit of Urgency" -Elder Jeffrey R Holland
"Converts and Young Men" -President Hinckley (May 1997)
2 copies of May Ensign
The Book of Mormon Ensign (I think it was last Octobers')

Need Soon:
Glue Dots
Purple Highlighter
Avon Liquid Foundation (505 light beige)
Avon Nuetral Pallet (In the "bag of stuff to send to Sister Hill")
Cute Dresses (I have fallen in love with dresses. So much easier that skirts!)
Sweet Chex Recipe 
3X5 Family Pic (Preferably the one where we are all walking, if not the one where we are hugging)
I would like my Seminary scriptures

Thank you! I love you! Here comes your e-mail!
-Sister Hill

The One That Didn't Come Last Week -- April 30, 2012

First, before I forget: Mother's Day. (Is it Mother's Day already?!) I will be calling you guys on Mom's phone, at 5 p.m. Indiana time, (which I think is 3 p.m. Utah time. You will need to check.) We have 45 minutes to an hour to talk. Tay: if you have your call by then I definitely want to HEAR that. Sassy: I just want to hear your cute voice! Bando: (Get over it.) Anything you want to tell me is great! So, that is May 13th at 5p.m.

Now for this past week. It has been really good. I had a hard day on Saturday, due to a letter from Mom, but I told Heavenly Father that I just needed some time that night for Briana, whose family needs
comfort, and then I would be Sister Hill again. He let me do it, and now I know more fully that I am much more needed here than there, but you are of course ALL in my prayers, and I know you will be taken care of and comforted. Thank you for keeping me in the loop!

Sunday was wonderful! We had Stake Conference, and it was just great! The youth of the stake sang "As Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman," and "If the Savior Stood Beside Me." They were both really nice. We also had the Louisville (pronouced Lool-Ville) temple president and his wife, President and Sister Collins, and Elder Halleck from the Seventy came and spoke, and they all did a marvelous job!

I hope everything is going well, and as summer is approaching you are not all slacking your finals! PS the day finals are done I want letters. :)
I love you all!
-Sister HIll