Monday, January 7, 2013

HIP HIP.... -- 7 January 2013

So it's not what you were expecting, but that's ok.

Life in Peru continues to move forward. We had 5 investigators at church yesterday. 3 are from the same family. The As. They have been meeting with the missionaries for about 1 year, although not consistently. We are working with them, hoping to get them to baptism in February. It's fast approaching, and we are just praying that while we are teaching them, there is a testimony growing, so we don't have to push their date back. However we are going to do what right, and in the Lord's time they will get there! They are such a cute family! There is S and A, (mom and dad) and H (11), and S (7), and Austin is 4 (and gives Landon a run for his money. Haha!) I have loved working with them!

Sister P is great! I love working with her. We think very differently, so we have to talk a lot to understand what the other is saying, but it has been a fun time! She is 6' 2", and she graduated from BYU with a degree in Family Life. She is not sure what she wants to do with that, but whatever she does will be great!

Hmm... anything else?

I love you all; thank you again for all of your Christmas love.  It made the holiday especially meaningful for me! Hope you all have the greatest week ever! I'll talk you next week!

Keep the Faith! Remember Life is Good! Be All the Be's. Stand for Truth and Righteousness! Don't Cwash da Caw

(Oh yeah, we saw a car wreck yesterday!!!! We were driving right behind them, and I saw it coming and backed off, and then stuck around to be a witness. The guy hit a parked car so we weren't really in any danger, but it was crazy!)

Anyway, Don't Say Bad Wads, Remember Who You Are, Return with Honor!

Love always, Sister Hill!

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