Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 6 -- 24 September 2012

I know what you're thinking! "Weren't we just at week 6?" Well, you are right. We were just at Week 6. Only that Week 6 was in North Vernon. Now we are in Lafayette, and we are now starting Week 6!!!!! WHAT?! How!? Sister Stanford and I also found out (from a very reliable source) that 5, that's right, 5 new Sisters will be entering the Indiana, Indianapolis Mission next Tuesday night. Do you know what the means? Well, I will tell you. It means that every Sister, but 2, in the Indiana, Indianapolis Mission will either be training, or being trained. That is right. 18 Sisters. 9 Companionship's. 8 in some form of training.

So, "What," you ask, "does this mean for you Sister Hill?"

Well, let me tell you. Sister Stanford thinks that she is not staying in Lafayette any longer than next week, and she says she is sure that I will be training one of the new sisters.....

AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I will let you know what happens next Monday.

So this past week. :) Monday, we had a lesson with a woman who is amazing!!! We have met with her 4 or 5 times, and every time we meet, she has been on her computer reading anti to us, and asking what exactly we believe. Sister Stanford and I have loved this opportunity to strengthen our testimonies. (I am NOT saying go read anti just so you can strengthen your testimonies. DON'T!!!!) The reason it has helped us is because it was not done in a contentious way. She was/is genuinely curious, and by her asking, we have had the opportunity to answer (and laugh at) some of the ridiculous things people are saying about "Mormons"

A common phrase that is said when we get in the car is: "Satan is good!!!.... God is Greater!!!!" It is amazing to us how good satan is! He truly hates this world, and wants to bring down everyone in it!

Well, so Monday night we had a lesson with her, and we felt differently going into this lesson. We felt like we should share the Restoration with her. We felt like we had established our relationship with her, and that now she trusted us, and knew that we weren't crazy cult members, and that what we had might just be true. So we went in and shared it with her, and then asked: "Why do you allow us to keep coming back?"


"I don't know. But I think you have something I want. I feel like what you are saying might be true."

Oh my goodness, that was one of the most powerful lessons I have ever had!!!! The Spirit was absolutely tangible! Sister Stanford and I walked out saying: "This is why we are here. Because this is true, and there are those all around us that are just waiting to hear the truth, and come closer to Jesus Christ!!!"

Life sucks sometimes, and satan is good....But. God. Is. GREATER!!! Never doubt that. Don't doubt God. Life outside is not worth what you would be giving up inside this gospel. If you are struggling, PLEASE go back to the basics. Read the Book of Mormon every day. Have a conversation with your Father. Have several! He is waiting to hear from us! He wants our happiness, and he knows that this gospel will give it to you!

The Church of Jesus Christ is the Lord's Church on the earth. Christ died for us, and most important....HE LIVES!!!!

Let him help you.

-Sister Hill

Monday, September 17, 2012

Life Is Good! -- 17 September 2012

I love life in Indiana as a missionary!

"What more can we say than to you hath been said?" :)

Life in Lafayette continues to grow and develop.We got a new ward mission leader yesterday, and we are excited to get to work with him. He says he is ready for a challenge.... (I dont know what you are talking about! I am a little angel!!)

We went on exchanges this week. I got to work with Sister Allen. She has already been out 3 weeks, and is doing SO great! I still feel like a beginner and a novice, and here I was working with someone who really is, but she didn't act like it! I can't wait to work with her more in the future!

Some sad news. We had a sister go home this week. She had some health issues, and couldn't get the help here that she needs, so she went home. She had a really neat experience leaving, though, and I wish her luck in all the endeavors of her life!

Well since we are getting to the library late today, I need to be going!

I love you all! Hope things are going well in your lives!

Love always,
Sister Hill

PS- Can you believe Hermana Scott leaves the MTC this week?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Rockin' Awesome!

Hello from Lafayette, Indiana!

This has been a busy week! Busy, but slow. It seems like it took forever to get to Sunday this week. However, when Sunday did finally get around to coming, we saw miracles!

We had a weird meeting schedule because the priesthood holders all had a special meeting at the Stake center, so we started as a normal day, and then went to Sacrament meeting. At about 10 we had one of our investigators text us and say she was coming to church!!! She is so golden! We found her on our first full day in Lafayette, and she is just amazing! She doesn't have a date yet, but she will soon! She loved church, and was really impressed with everything that was said. She said she really felt the Spirit moving! (This is a big deal, because this is one of the first things she told us she was looking for, (And she has basically grown up pentecostal)) !!!!

On Saturday we had an awesome lesson with a man named Brian. We taught the plan of Salvation and after we had finished the Kingdoms, he was like: "So what's next? That's it? We just sit in the celestial kingdom for eternity?"       !!!!! WHAT?! Nobody asks those questions! They just accept that its heaven and move on! Good thing there is more to the plan just sitting in the celestial kingdom forever. :) He was also at church yesterday!

This area is so ready to just explode, and Sister S. and I can barely keep up! The ward is wonderful, and keeps us busy. We almost have a new Ward Mission Leader called, and that will be nice. (Our old one, got put into the bishopric on our first Sunday, and has been playing double duty. Poor guy)

Well I love you all! I am about out of time! Thank you for your love, prayers, and letters! Be all the B's!

Love always!
Sister Hill

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lafayette, Indiana -- 4 September 2012

I love it here!

"That's all I have to say abou' that."

No, Joke. I have more to say!

Lafayette is so great! I am serving in the Lafayette 3rd ward. They are wonderful people, and really have a grasp on what members and missionary work should be like! So great! They give us all kinds of things to do, we almost don't have our own time to go out and find for ourselves which is amazing! However we still managed to find 4 new investigators the first 4 days we were here, which was AMAZING!!!! God has so prepared this area, and we are working hard to "harvest it"!!!

Sister Stanford is so cute! I just love being her compainon. She takes good care of me, and I am trying my best to be just as good for her. We have 13 people in our district, which is HUGE! That is the size of most Zones! 5 Sisters, 6 Elders, and 1 Senior couple. Speaking of: Mama-sita, The senior couple, their last name is Whiting. They said their son Kevin Whiting worked for Physical Facilities about 3 years ago, and is now in the Dominican Republic. Small world? Did you/ Do you know him?

I am about out of time, I love you all! Sorry so short, but know that I am well, and taken care of by many. I sent my list of things I need to you in the mail today, so you should have it soon! Loves and Hugs!

-Sister Hill