Monday, January 28, 2013

Sweet Week! -- 28 January 2013

MIRACLE!!!! (You ready for this?!)  Saturday, we are sitting in our apartment just at the end of break. The phone rings. Sister McD (RS Pres) is calling us.
"Sisters, I have someone you should go see!"
Say that again!?

"She called the church this morning, luckily my husband was there and was able to go get her information. She has been reading in the Book of Mormon, and wants to meet with you. She has some health problems and bad eye sight so she is hoping to get a large print triple combination. Here is her address, and phone number. Good luck!"

By then, I was hyperventilating! Let's call her now! Let's go see her right now! So we did! We called and asked if we could set up a time, and she asked if we could come then. So we called a member for a ride, and got over there!

She is amazing!!! She met with missionaries about 12 years ago, but had a husband who was EXTREMELY anti (burned her BoM) and she had to stop meeting with them. She got re-married about 8 years ago, and has been doing her own research ever since. She has been checking the BoM out of the library, as well as a book by President Hinckley, and a seminary/institute manual on church history, and one other book that I can't remember!

As we talked we turned to D&C 20:37 and told her the requirements for baptism. "That's it?! I thought I had to be invited!"

"K, would you like to be baptized, and become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?"

She got all choked up, and said "Yes!" She is praying about a date. We found her a ride to church yesterday; she came and stayed for all three hours. She is AMAZING!!!!  She is the sweetest lady! She also has a sense of urgency. (This is where it get a little sad) In November somebody she knew spiked her soda with anti-freeze. NOT GOOD!!! It has messed her body up really bad.

There is just one miracle of this week! I love you all very much, and know the Lord is watching over you, as He is me! Love you!!

Love, Sister Hill

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