Monday, April 22, 2013

Great News! -- 22 April 2013

I am not getting transferred! Can you believe it?!

I thought for sure President was only going to leave me in Zionsville with Sister H for 2 weeks, and then send me on my merry way, but no!! I get to stay! And even better than that Sister H and I get to be companions for a whole transfer!

So the fun thing we did this morning! I talked Sister H into getting a hair cut! And we are not just talking any ol' hair cut...

Doesn't she look so cute!?!?! :)

The funniest part is that she just cut her hair about two months ago.. That time it was half way down her back! She is a brave woman!

Well that is the news for today! I am not going to transfer meeting, and Sister H looks adorable!

In other news, the temple site is looking fabulous! I love living in Zionsville, because any time we go to Fishers for any reason, we have to drive right past it! Darn! :) But it is looking super great! (At least it looks like something is happening!) We have had A LOT of rain this week. (Major flooding in some parts,) so I don't know what that is doing to the progress, but it looks different any time we drive by! Super exciting!

Well, y'all, I love you, but this is a busy day! Keep feeling the spirit!

Love always, Sister Hill

"You know what her problem is? She just cant stand how fab-lous you are!"  :)

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