Monday, March 26, 2012

More pictures

Some pictures

P.S. E-Mail -- 26 March 2012

Also I am glad you love Jessie, your magic car! And I am jealous that you might be going to Seattle! And thank you for the pictures of everyone, they brightened my day! (Did you get my memory card?)

-Sis Hill

PS - You and your mom could be twins!

E-mail -- 26 March 2012

Thank you for your p-day e-mail, and I am looking forward to getting mail as well!  I am so blessed to get as much mail as I do!  Two days ago I got 3 letters:  two from Grandma and Grandpa F. and one from my Voyaging buddy, J.  It was on a day we hadn't taken any breaks so the first time we were at the house was at about 9pm, and Sister W. went to check the mail ('cause her birthday was on Thursday so she was checking for any leftover cards that might have come).  She came back to the car with those three letters for me and she said:  "It makes me sick how much mail you get!"  I told her it's because I am new there hasn't been enough time for people to be slackers at writing me.  She responded with, "Even when I was new I didn't get this much mail!"

That makes me a little sad.  There are people who love her just as much as all of your writing me love me, but she doesn't get mail.  She seems to be okay with it, though, because she is a SUPER focused missionary who loves the work and doesn't really care about what is going on at home.  But at the same time...

Well, the baptism went SO well!!!  Everyone showed up on time.  The font was filled and warm.  And MOST important the Spirit was SO strong!  I am not sure what I have told you yet, so I will just start from the beginning.

Sister W. and Sister G. (the sister I replaced) have been teaching her since November. Her family is a part-member family. She also has about 10 siblings. (A yours, mine, and ours situation) Anyway, she is 11 years old and just the sweetest spitfire you ever met! She really knows the truth and she is such an example for her family. Not only her siblings, but her parents as well.

We got to the church that night to set up. We turned off the water and found jumpsuits for her and her dad. When everyone got there, we started in the Relief Society Room and the primary chorister gave a talk on baptism. It was short and sweet and mainly from the songs in the Children's Hymn book. (Speaking of: I would like one!) Then we moved into the room with the font, opened the doors and watched them enter the water. She had to be dunked twice because some of the wording was off. Dad pulled her out of the water the second time and did a fist pump in the air! :) So funny!

We then went back into the RS room and waited for them. It didn't take very long. When they came back in Sister W. gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. It went really nice! She was so nervous! It is so funny, because she has never spent any time around children so she isn't really sure how to teach to them. I tell her it's just like sharing the gospel with investigators, except you might have to do something extremely hands on so that you keep their attention. So she packed a box with a blanket, a weight, some glasses, map, hand soap, a paper heart, and a stop sign. I will let you put the pieces together and if there are any questions I will be here. :)

Thank you for my Bof M and face wash! Sorry to be impatient! I am sorry about your calling and the meeting falling through! No fun! Heavenly Father must have something better planned coming up! :)

Sister W. keeps telling me to look at it that way instead of Satan getting in the way. HF is planning something greater, and if you are looking, its easy to spot those things.

Why are you making Bella fat?! What are you feeding her? Are you sure it's not just her hair making her look fat? This is why you have to play with her! Make her go up and down the stairs, and the hall! Jump on the tramp, and throw her bone across the yard! The little things! Plus that will make her like you! (If she doesn't already)

Tell Sassy I love her and congrats on passing this quarter, and to keep it up one more time! She can do it!

-Sister Hill

Ps- I need wax. Hard wax will be best if you can swing it. (I would ask your couponing sister if I were you ;) Thanks, Aunt T.!!!)


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Note -- 21 March 2012

Hey All,

Just wanted to say "THANK YOU!!!" for my face wash and BofM in 100 days.  I love you so much and I will try to answer your letters on Monday!

Love, Sister Hill  :)  LOVES!

P.P.S.  First baptism tomorrow!

P.P.P.S.  For future reference, this sign* means baptism

*Can't type the sign, but I'll let you know when we see it!

20 March 2012


Just so you don't feel left out I am writing you too, although you get weekly e-mails.  PS--You can send me a real email if that is easier than printing your letter out and stikcing it in the mailbox, but either works.


Love, Sis. Hill

P.S. Love on Bella for me!
P.P.S.  When do you go to Hawaii?

Letter -- 20 March 2012 (Each family member got a letter today)


That is so cool that Joy thought of you to give some clients to.  Have you ever done a trade with her?

Your talk was so great.  Thank you for sending it to me.

That is a neat story about Lando and prayers.

How are things going?  How was St. Louis?  Anything new?

Any cool massage stories?

Anything else you want to share?

I love you so much!!!

Love, Sister Hill

P.S.  Take Bella running for me

Movies -- 25 March 2012

The Hunger Games -- PG13;  We saw this and LOVED it
The Lorax -- PG
John Carter -- PG13
A Thousand Words -- PG13
Chick Magnets -- PG
Gone -- PG13
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island -- PG
The Vow -- PG13
This Means War -- PG13

Monday, March 19, 2012

E-Mail -- 19 March 2012 P.S.



E-Mail -- 19 March 2012

Hey Mama!

First of all!  Where is my face wash and "BofM in 100 days"?  You should see my face!  All kinds of zitty!  It's humid here.  I need my stuff!

Whine-fest over.

I was so glad to get your letter.  It came on kinda a hard day.  I was glad to see Annalee's invite, but it came the night of, and I was like:  "I would SO rather be there right now!!!"  It had not been a good day.

I started laughing super hard when you mentioned Bella.  I was wishing you had sent a picture.  Speaking of, I am thinking about sending my first memory card home.  Mostly it's all MTC stuff.

That is funny that one of your fix-the-world friends knows Pres and Sis C.  They are great people!  The morning after she called you, she came into our room and gave Sister D and I GREAT BIG hugs and said: "I talked to both of your mothers last night!  OH!! You are beloved!!"  Tear!  It was really sweet of her.  You two would be great friends.

Anyway, to answer one of your questions:  No.  We only cover one ward, but that is our whole area, and it's huge!  If every single person in our ward showed up to church and other activities we have enough to split into 2 wards.  (About 550 on the ward roster.)  So we do a lot of recontacting, but we have been asked to focus our time on finding.  We have been really fortunate in that area.  We have a lot of phenomenal investigators.  We have an 11-year-old getting baptized this Thursday, and her family has been so fun to teach!  It is a yours, mine, and ours situation.  Some are members and some aren't; some know the basics and some don't know anything, so it has been fun!  We go over and do FHE with them and those kids are so darn cute!

It Colton hasn't left yet wish him luck from me.

Things are going great here.  Thank all my grandparents for the mail and postcards I get.  And please apologize for my not responding.  (Seriously p-day is SO busy!)  I love you and hope to hear from you soon.  LOVE you all so much!!!!!!

Sister Hill

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Letter -- 12 March 2012

Dear Mama-sita,

There are a few things that I forgot to put in my e-mail that I need yesterday.

  • Rain coat
  • Face wash/moisturizer
  • The insurance card if you can spare it.  If not, I need a front & back copy
  • Eye make-up remover
  • Avon liquid foundation S05 light beige (this I don't need for a while but I need it ordered now then sent when it comes)
  • My "Read the B of M in 100 Days" (Ask Ash where it got put)
The last one is the most important.  We are trying to encourage many to read, and we are hoping that by helping them get started with a plan to read they will be more encouraged to do it.

I love you all very much, and I am sorry no other letters "got writ" today.  P-day went fast.  I will try to be better next Monday.  But Mama, I would really appreciate that stuff.

And remember if nothing else makes it, I NEED my "Read the B of M in 100 Days."


Sister Hill

P.S.  Guess what I got today!  My first package!  It was from Magna Fishes.  Technically I got A. Tiff's too, but I picked that up at the mission office when I got here Wednesday.  I haven't received any other love yet.  :_(  But I was so grateful to have Fishes!  Letter coming!

Also I ran 2.5 miles today, almost non-stop.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Letter from President C. -- 6 March 2012

Dear Brother and Sister Hill,

Your daughter arrived safely in Indiana.  It was a pleasure to meet and welcome her to the mission.  She has a solid testimony of the gospel and is excited to be doing the Lord's work.  Sister C. and I look forward to serving with your daughter during this special time in her life.

I know Sister Hill will appreciate letters from home, but I discourage phone calls or visits except for emergency situations, and with prior coordination with me.  I recommend that you send all mail and packages to your daughter's apartment address.  Due to postal regulations, packages cannot be forwarded unless they are Priority or First Class mail.

Sister C. and I will love, care for, and watch over Sister Hill as if she were our own daughter.  Thank you for the love and support you have given, and will give her on her mission.


K. H. C.
Mission President

Monday, March 12, 2012

Google May or May Not Be Mom's Friend

Here's what Google gave me when I put in Sister Hill's address.  At least--after the tornadoes--there are still trees there!

E-mail -- First P-day in Indiana

SO! Things are going great! I am in the most southern zone af the mission, in North Vernon. My address is:

Sister Briana Hill
120 Platter Drive
North Vernon, Indiana 47265

I will be here at least until Dad's birthday, so I will get things faster if you just send to this address.
Indiana is beautiful! There are only 3 types of scenery you find here:  city, farm, amd forest. There are trees everywhere! I am looking forward to seeing them alive and green versus dead and brown. :) You know how I feel about winter.

We are serving in the HOOD of Indiana. In our area is the biggest trailer park in the U.S. It is about 67 square miles! We have some really great members of our ward that live there, but we don't tract there. Safety first! It really is a nice place, but the sisters get special treatment to keep them safe!

What did you think of Sister Collins? Isn't she just the greatest?! We got off the plane and there they were with cameras and HUGE smiles and hugs for all of us! It had been a long overwhelming day and so I, of course, started to cry when she hugged me. She just started chatting my ear off and telling Sister Donaldson and I that they were so excited to have us, and that the next 18 months were going to be just great!

We had a testimony meeting later that night and Sister Collins told us that Press Collins told her that he thinks she has a leaky spirit because she cries at EVERYTHING; and of course nobody cries alone, so I decided that you and I don't cry, our spirits are just leaky! :)  There have been a few nights here that I have cried, and that's okay cause I am growing.

Speaking of growing!
Sister Williams is my trainer, and I have the best trainer in the mission! She is extremly spiritual, and LOVES the work. She says she is never going home, even though she is being released in 9 months.
(President says she has to go. She doesn't believe him) She absolutely, genuinely loves these humble people of North Vernon. And she says that the ward we are serving in is the greatest ward she has ever seen in her life. I met them yesterday and they are phenomenal people and are so willing to help in the work, but I know a ward that is just as good if not a little better, and I told her that!

I ran into Elder Gordon the day I got my trainer. He is training one of the elders in my district, which I thought was pretty cool.

Back to Pres. and Sister Collins. They are such fantastic people. I think the thing I remember most about that testimony meeting, (besides the spirit) was how much they kept saying how much they love eachother and if any of us doubted it, we could just ask them. It was so sweet.  They teased and laughed at eachother good naturedly, and at the end of the day, they just kept emphasizing how much they love one another.  If you ever meet them I think you will love them, and if any one ever asks you, tell them the Indiana, Indianapolis mission is the best misson in the world! And when Tay finds out where he is going, Indiana, Indianapolis is STILL the best mission ever!

Well the time is running down on the clock! I love you and will talk to you next week! Send out my address to everyone!

HUG!!! (That is 4 hugs for everyone and and extra one for you and daddy!)

-Sister Briana Hill

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Movies -- 10 March 2012

John Carter -- PG 13 (I did NOT want to see this, but it was Dad's turn to choose.  And guess what?  I liked it a lot!)
Dr. Seuss's The Lorax -- PG
Star Wars I:  The Phantom Menace -- PG
A Thousand Words -- PG 13
Act of Valor -- R
Ghostrider:  Spirit of Vengeance -- PG 13
Gone -- PG 13
Iron Lady -- PG 13
Project X -- R
Safe House -- R
Silent House -- R
The Artist -- PG 13
The Vow -- PG 13
This Means War -- PG 13
Unicorn City -- PG
Wanderlust -- R

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Notes from Mom -- 6 March 2012

Briana just called me from the airport.  Best. Conversation. Ever!!!!!  I'm so blessed to be her mother!  And missions?  Fan-freaking-tastic!  I'm so pleased with her choice to serve.  And I'm "righteously proud" of our beautiful daughter.  And I'm so, so blessed!

At first she was a little weepy.  She's excited and nervous.  And she didn't sleep well last night.  But then we just talked.  First I just kinda talked about Primary and new babies and engagements and stuff like that. 

And then she started telling me about things in the MTC.  Elder Holland came last week.  That was a serious highlight for her.

She got to watch "Legacy" on Sunday. (Hooray for movies!)

She has loved her companion, but her companion’s mom has had a really hard time.  Sister Donaldson is getting 3 letters a day and packages all the time.  And it makes it HARD for her.  Plus, she lives about 2 miles from the MTC, so she runs into people from school and the ward all the time.  Her sorta-boyfriend is teaching at the MTC so they had to “visit” him a couple of times.  That was hard for Bri, because she didn’t want to do that kinda of work.  J

It was just an hour of really fun stuff.  And her sweet testimony.  How blessed am I!?!

I'm so excited.  And by the end of the conversation she could talk about all of it without being weepy.  She's excited, too.  That makes me so happy!

Now I have Mother's Day to look forward to!  I've always LOVED Mother's Day.  I don't believe in guilt, so I just enjoy the heck out of being a mother to my wonderful children.  So this will be the cherry on top!

Bri’s mission president and wife (President and Sister Collins) are from my friend’s stake in Bountiful, and they are friends with her parents.  She assures me that Sister Hill will be well-received and taken care of.  They will meet all 10 missionaries at the airport in Indianapolis, and the missionaries will stay at the mission home tonight.  Tomorrow they will meet their trainers and get to work.  Exciting!

Movies This Week

Dr. Seuss's The Lorax -- PG (We saw this one.  It was cute.  It's musical.  Ashtyn LOVED it.)
Journey 2:  The Mysterious Island -- PG 13
Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace -- PG
Act of Valor -- R
Big Miracle -- PG
Chronicle -- PG 13
Ghost Rider:  Spirit of Vengeance -- PG 13
Hugo -- PG
Iron Lady
Mission Impossible:  Ghost Protocol -- PG 13
Project X -- R
Safe House -- R
Secret World of Arrietty -- G
The Artist -- PG 13
The Vow -- PG 13
This Means War -- PG 13
Unicorn City -- PG
Wanderlust -- R
Woman in Black -- PG 13 (Have I mentioned that Landon has seen this twice?)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Another letter -- 29 February 2012


Tell Aunt Cathi thank you for her prayers!

My roommates are looking forward to those cookies!  :)

Thanks for the spiritual, uplifting thoughts!

Well, today is fix the world day for you, and I think you are munching, which I am jealous about!


Love, Breezy

P.S.  When we first got here my comp wrote home for a lanyard.  Her mom sent boondoggle, and Sis. D. had no idea what it was!  :o  Can you believe it?  It was so  nice to have something to do with my hands.  I was done in 3 hrs.  (I would have been done sooner, but my teacher didn't think I really was listening.  So he made me put it away.  Rude!)  :)  Please.

P.P.S.  I had a funny moment in the classroom the other day.  Sis D. and I were preparing a lesson alone in the classroom, and I am so tired of sitting that I got up and started walking the edge of the room.  Now the room is only about 10 x 10 feet without the desks.  Anyway there I am walking around the room and do you know what quote popped into my head? .....

"Eliza, take a turn around the room with me.  It's SO refreshing!"

Haha!  I started laughing and Sis D. looked at me like I was crazy!  :)  I am a little but it just struck me so funny!

Also, one of the Elders in our district could give us a real challenge as a movie quoting family.  That's all we do at meals, is quote back and forth to one another to try to stump each other!  He is super good!

Anyway now I really need to go!

Love you!

Letter -- 29 February 2012

Dearest Hill family!

Well, the countdown has begun.  This time next week I will have been in Indiana for 24 hrs!  I can't believe it has already been two weeks!  I don't know about you but the time has flown!  After my laundry is done I am going to start packing.

We need to be at the travel office by 4AM! on Tuesday morning!  It looks like we will be up at 3.  Ugh.  That is going to be a long day.  Our flight takes off at 7am.  We will land in Denver, CO @ 9AM then will leave Denver at 11:30 and touch down in Indianapolis at 4PM, where President and Sister Collins will be waiting for us.

It's going to be a bittersweet day.  I have loved the MTC, but it's time to go, but I am sure going to miss the sweet people I have met here.

OK.  News from the last week.  We have been teaching several "investigators" and so far we have loved them all.  I say "investigators" cause two of them are our teachers, just role playing, and the other two...We are not sure if they are members who are really good actors or if they really are real inactives/investigators.

The one lady we are teaching we are 98% positive she is a real investigator.  She is from Guatamala, has 5 grown children.  Her family is everything to her.  She is the most humble and Christlike woman you have ever met!  If she is a member, I am 100% positive she will be put directly into the highest glory in the Celestial Kingdom.  If she really isn't, HF is going to have a hard time sending her to the Terrestrial Kindom!  He'll be like..."If only you had gotten baptized!"  She is very acccepting of the gospel, but she is waiting for her husband.  We are not sure where he is at, since he is being taught separately by the Elders.

In other news.  Last night we had our Tuesday night devotional.  Well, let me back up.

At lunch yesterday Pres. Brown sat with our district at lunch.  We were like...."Yeah, that's right!  The MTC pres is sitting with us at lunch!"  Then he started quizzing us on our knowledge of the Book of Mormon.  Oh no!.....We did OK.  It made us think how not prepared we really are to go out and teach.

Anyway then he asked us if we were all planning to go to the fireside.  We said yes and he kind of got this mischievous smile on his face.  He said:  "Make sure you're early to get a good seat.  And bring your notebooks.  You will want to take notes."

Of course we asked who was speaking and he told us he can't tell us for security reasons but that it would be one of the Elders.   Ch-yea! Get there early!

Sis. D. and I sung in the choir so we had great seats!

So before every devotional or fireside the whole congregation sings 2-3 hymns to invite the spirit to the meeting before it has even begun.  So we are all singing (rather distractedly, as we are all watching the door that we know he is going to come through.)

All of a sudden Pres & Sister Brown walk through the door and onto the stand.  Here he comes!  (We all still don't know who it is yet.)  As he walked through the door there was a collective gasp and an almost cheer!  (We can't cheer, cause it would be like cheering in Sacrament if Pres. Monson walked through the door.)  We all immediately jumped out of our seats to show our love and support for the apostle of the Lord who had just walked through the door!  I was so cool! to be so close to him.  We have been listening to his talks all week and we all love him and to be one in two thousand that he was talking directly to was amazing!  We could just feel his spirit and his love!  I felt so incredibly blessed to be in the presence of someone who is regularly in the presence of our Heavenly Father!

Do you have any guesses as to who it was?! .........................ready for me to tell you?................How about now?...You sure you want to go with that Elder?  Going once? Going twice?

If you guessed Elder Jeffrey R. were right!!!! AHHH!!!!  How cool is that?!?

He totally chewed us out!  :) In his way that makes you want to change and be better!  So cool!

Thank you for my bathrobe!  It makes showering a lot easier!  And Daddy, thank you for your talk!

Taylor:  P.S.  If you get your mission call and I hear about it from Mom....I will get on a plane and come home just to kick your butt!  I either want a letter or an e-mail from your e-mail address!  Or there will be BIG trouble!

Landon:  How are you doing?  School?  Friends?  I heard you threw a party?  That's cool!  Who are you arguing with now that I am gone?

Ash:  I am working on a letter for you so don't feel bad that I am not saying anything deep to you now.  :)

I love you guys and hope things are going well!  Play with Bella for me!

Love,  Sis Bri

P.S.  Please remember to put the dates on your letters!